Bulgari launches its Serpenteyes new eyewear collection for spring summer 2017. The brand’s iconic serpent motif maintains its elegance and magnetic appeal in three sun styles that feature an innovative and contemporary design


The snake is among Bulgari’s most iconic motifs. As serpents historically represent seduction, rebirth and transformation, the brand has used this symbol for decades in its jewelry creations, and snake’s scales has already inspired precious decorations for many successful Bulgari eyewear styles in the past. 

The new Serpenteyes eyewear collection reinterprets this theme in a new innovative and de-structured way and brings the seduction of the serpent to three new sun styles. Inspiration is drawn from the Serpentage technique used in the production of fine Bulgari leatherwear collection, with bags being embellished or sometimes completely shrouded by the shimmering scale motif inspired by the snake skin. 

For the new eyewear styles this technique has been reinterpreted to create a fashion-forward contemporary design with stylized, geometric shapes, communicating both the iconic strength of Bulgari’s Serpent theme and the seductive allure of its rebirth in a modern guise.

The BV6089 style presents a distinctly avant-garde design approach. A laser etching of the stylized hexagonal scales features the metal overlay detail on the upper part of the flat lenses in this rimless round shape. The color palette is refined and sophisticated: it ranges from shades of pale gold to two-tone combinations in rose-gold hues, from total black or midnight blue combined with shaded or mirrored lenses.

The other two sun styles included in the Serpenteyes collection - the semi-rimless BV 6088 and the round BV 6095 - both feature a double bridge and enameled scales on the front upper sides, with temples enriched by a decoration inspired by the Serpenti motif.

The new collection is designed for a contemporary woman, true citizen of the world: sensitive to fashion trends, who loves original interpretations that allow to fully express her strong personality. Protagonist of the advertising campaign is the supermodel Lily Aldridge, Bulgari’s testimonial and brand ambassador for spring summer 2017.

Published on Apr 07 2017